Ratcheting the retractable ratchet e track tie down strap down

The E-Track Tie Down That Is Retractable

We all know how useful E-track tie down is—it keeps our gear safe. Whether it’s an ATV, lawn mower, dirt bike, or e-bike, E track tie-down straps hold everything in place in the back of your truck. But here’s something even better: there’s now a retractable E-track tie down strap that retracts automatically, and you don’t have to deal with threading it manually. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s learn more about this strap:

The E-track tie down that automatically retracts

Below is the E track retractable ratchet strap that we recommend:

  • Breaking strength: 4500 lbs / 2045kg
  • Working load limit: 1500 lbs / 680kg
  • Length: 2in*12ft
  • Max vehicle weight with Strapinno’s wheel chocks: 1986 lbs
A detailed description of an E track tie down strap that is retractable.

What’s special about retractable E track tie-down straps?

There are so many benefits of using this retractable ratchet strap, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Here are the reasons why you should get yourself a pair of retractable straps

  • Retract automatically when opening the ratchet handle to 180 degrees
  • No tying ends off
  • No excessive strap hanging loose
  • No threading strap buckles before use 

How do you tie down an e-track car?

Materials Needed

  • E-track rails already installed on your trailer floor or transport vehicle, or just four wheel chocks provided from the kit!
  • Four E-track straps or wheel straps that are compatible with E-track.

(If your straps don’t clip directly to the E-track, then you’d need four E-track O-ring or D-ring attachments instead.)

How to use an e track tie down strap step by step

Step 1: Position the car

  • Drive your car onto the trailer, making sure it’s centered so that its weight is evenly distributed across the wheels.
  • Set the parking brake to keep the car from moving.

Step 2: Pull out the E track strap

Make sure that you put the lever down, and pull out the strap horizontally.

Step 3: Clip in the E track tie down straps

  • Front and rear straps:

 – With Strapinno’s E-track straps, just clip the E-clip track in either your E-track rail or Strapinno’s wheel chocks. Remember to clip in somewhere close to the tire! If you’re using wheel straps, they may have a harness that fits over the tire. 

 –  (Optional) If your strap doesn’t have an E-clip, just clip in an O-ring or D-ring into the E-track slots near the front tires.

 – Make sure the straps are not twisted.

Step 4: Wrap the strap around the tire

Open the ratchet handle all the way to release the tension off the reel. Wrap the strap around the tire and then clip the E-clip into the E-track on the other side. When the strap is completely around the tire, and hooked in on both sides in the e-track, then you can move on to the next step!

Step 5: Tighten the E track straps

  • Once all straps are in place, begin tightening them. Start from one side of the car and move to the opposite side to maintain balance.
  • Pull the release bar, and pull up and down with the ratchet handle until it feels tight, and push the handle down to the lock position. Give the strap a quick flick to test its tension!
  • The straps should be tight enough to hold the car firmly, but not so tight as to damage the tires or suspension.

Tips: If you use a normal ratchet tie-down e-track strap, make sure there are no loose ends that could get caught or drag on the ground! However, if you are using a retractable ratchet tie down E-track strap, you don’t need to tie up the additional strap that is hanging loose, and you will be all set after Step 5!

Also, maybe you can consider using protective sleeves over the straps where they make contact with sharp edges or corners. This can prevent wear and tear on the straps!

How do you release an E-track strap?

Getting the E-track straps taken off is a straightforward process. Here’s how to do it easily:

Step 1: Find the release lever

Look for a small handle or tab on the ratchet. This is the release lever. If you are using Strapinno’s E-track straps, it’s the black bar on the handle.

Step 2: Lift the release lever

Pull the lever to unlock the ratchet mechanism. This allows the ratchet to move freely. And again, for Strapinno’s E-track straps, just pull back the black bar.

Step 3: Open the handle

Open the handle all the way. This way the tension on the strap can be released which will pop the strap open.

Step 4: Unhook the E track tie down strap

Remove the end fittings from the E-track slots. These might be hooks or other connectors.

Step 5: The strap will retract automatically

With Strapinno’s retractable E-track straps, they will just retract automatically. If it’s stuck, double-check that if the ratchet is fully open.

6 tips when using an E-track tie down strap

1. Use Suitable Fittings

Match the fittings on your straps to the specific item you’re securing. Different fittings (like E-track clips, D-rings, or rope tie-offs) might be better suited for different types of loads.

2. Check Load Capacity

Ensure that the straps and the E-track system can handle the weight of the cargo. Each component (track, fittings, and straps) should be rated for at least the maximum weight of the cargo you’re securing.

3. Evenly Distribute Weight

Place cargo along the E-track to balance the weight as evenly as possible. This reduces the risk of the cargo shifting or tipping, which could lead to accidents or damage.

4. Avoid Twisting the Straps

Keep the straps flat and straight as they are routed through the fittings and around the cargo. Twisted straps can weaken the assembly and potentially fail under stress.

5. Tighten Securely

Properly tightened straps should have a low, deep sound when plucked, similar to a bass guitar string. 

6. Maintaining your straps

We recommend regularly cleaning your straps to avoid jams and applying a bit of lubricant to keep them working smoothly. Also, remember to replace any worn parts when necessary!

Let’s get yourself a pair of retractable E-track straps!

Using a retractable ratchet tie-down e-track strap is a real game changer for securing your cargo. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it keeps everything tightly in place. Ready for an upgrade? Give these Strapinno’s retractable ratchet straps a try and see how simple and stress-free securing cargo can be. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are e track the same size?

No, E-tracks come in different sizes. They are available in various lengths like 2, 5, 8, and 10 feet to suit different spaces and needs. Although they are typically about 5 inches wide, this can vary slightly by manufacturer.

E-tracks also come in two main orientations: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal E-tracks have slots that run across the width, making them great for mounting on walls. Vertical E-tracks have slots that run along their length, making them better suited for floor mounting. This variety allows you to choose the right E-track for your specific cargo securing needs.

2. What is an e-track tie down?

An E-track tie-down is a system used to secure cargo in various transport vehicles such as vans, trucks, and trailers. This system is popular for its flexibility and strength, making it a reliable choice for transporting different types of goods safely!

Here’s a breakdown of what it includes:

  • E-Track Rails: These are long, metal tracks that are installed along the walls or floor of a transport vehicle. The rails feature a series of slots that are shaped like the letter “E” – hence the name E-track.
  • Tie-Down Accessories: The system uses various accessories that fit into the E-track slots to secure cargo. These include:

 – Straps: Adjustable straps that have E-track fittings which click into the slots on the rail.

 – Rope Tie-Off: These allow ropes to be secured to the E-track, providing flexibility in how cargo is tied down.

 – D-Rings: Metal rings that slot into the E-track which can then be used with hooks or other tie-downs.

3. How much weight can e track hold?

The weight capacity of an E-track tie-down system varies based on the track type, how it’s installed, and the accessories used. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Type of E-Track

– Regular Duty E-Track: Made from 12-gauge steel, suitable for light to medium loads, typically supports 1,000 to 2,000 pounds per section.

– Heavy Duty E-Track: Made from thicker 10-gauge steel, designed for heavier loads, can handle up to 6,000 pounds per section.

  • Installation Quality

– The strength of the E-track also depends on how well it is installed. If it’s properly secured to the trailer’s frame with appropriate fasteners, it can support more weight. A poorly installed track will not hold as much.

  • Accessories Used

– The accessories (like straps, O-rings, D-rings) used with the E-track also have their own weight limits, ranging from 500 to 5,000 pounds. Remember, the overall strength of your setup is only as strong as its weakest component.

Just a heads up, the Strapinno wheel chock retractable ratchet straps kit can handle vehicles up to 1986 lbs, with a working load limit of 1500 lbs. We always recommend checking the manufacturer’s specifications for precise weight limits and following professional installation guidelines to ensure safety!

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