Strap down an ATV on a trailer with atv tie down straps

What You Should Know About ATV/UTV Tie Down Straps

Moving ATVs/UTVs safely is important because nobody wants accidents or trouble messing with the law. That’s why we’ve made you a list of different ATV/UTV tie down straps for multiple possibilities, along with a simple guide to help you tie down your ATV or UTV with minimum effort! This way, you can start your trip worry-free, knowing your ATV/UTV is secure and ready for some fun adventures!

Best ATV/UTV tie down straps

For tying down your ATV/UTV, there are several kinds of ATV/UTV tie-down straps you can choose from. They differ based on their length, the ability to withstand the weight they’re holding, and whether you have installed E track rails or not. You can find these tie down straps in sizes like 1.5 in x 12 feet, 2 in x 12 feet, 2 in x 15 ft and 2 in x 27 feet. Whether you need a short strap or a longer one, straps with hooks or without hooks, there’s an option just right for securing your ATV/UTV safely!

ATV/UTV tie down straps with hooks

Strap type

Hook type

S hooks

Snap hooks

Double J hooks

Working Load Limit

1,617 lbs /

733 kgs

1,667 lbs /

757 kgs

3,333 lbs / 1511.8 KG

Breaking Strength

4,850 lbs /

2220 kgs

5,000 lbs / 2,270 kgs

10,000lbs/ 4535.9 KG

ATV/UTV tie down straps for e-track

Strap type


For e-track rails

Provided with wheel chock kit

Working load limit

1500 lbs/680 kg

Breaking strength

4500 lbs/2045 kg

If the ATV tie-down straps don’t come with the hook type you need, or if you’re unsure where to hook them on your ATV, don’t worry! The soft loop straps are here to solve your problem. Just wrap a soft loop strap around anywhere on your ATV, hook the tie-down strap, and your problem will be taken care of! 

Why retractable tie-down straps?

Using retractable tie-down straps instead of a regular one offers a big advantage: simplicity and convenience. These retractable tie down straps automatically retract with only a press of a button, making them much easier to manage and store. You won’t have to deal with tangled straps or spend time tying off a strap. Retractable tie down straps are designed to give you just the right amount of strap for securing your ATV, reducing the excessive straps getting caught in something. This means a quicker setup and less hassle before you hit the road, making your adventure smoother and efficient.

How do you strap down an ATV?

AppalachianMountainRiders, 2022 Sep 20, How to tie down your ATV or SxS faster with Strapinno self retracting straps! YouTube.

Step 1: Hook the ATV tie down straps on the truck bed 

Before you hook your ATV tie-down straps, you’d need at least two anchor points on your truck bed. Four anchor points are most recommended to ensure safety. Once those are in place, all you need to do next is to hook each strap to an anchor point. It’s that straightforward!

Step 2: Wrap the soft loop straps on the ATV (optional)

If you can’t find a spot to hook the straps onto your ATV, you can consider using soft loops straps to help out! In this step, just wrap the soft loops straps around your ATV’s frame.

Step 3: Pull the strap 

Very simple, just pull out the strap parallel to the reel. 

Step 4: Hook the retractable tie down straps on ATV

Hook the ATV tie down straps on the back of your ATV’s frame or the soft loop straps (optional), and tighten it by pulling up and down with the ratchet handle until it feels tight enough. Lock the ATV tie down straps by pushing the handle down to the lock position.

Step 5: Release

Unhook the retractable tie down straps from the ATV’s frame or the soft loops, open the ratchet handle, give the strap a gentle pull outward, and the strap will automatically retract!

Common mistakes to avoid when using ATV tie-down straps

1. Using Worn or Damaged ATV Tie Down Straps: One of the most critical mistakes is using the ATV tie down straps that are frayed, cut, or showing signs of wear and tear. Damaged atv tie down straps are much more likely to fail under stress, potentially leading to the damage of your ATV.

2. Not Using Enough ATV Tie Down Straps: Relying on too few ATV tie down straps can lead to insufficient tension and security, making your ATV move or tilt, and cause damage to the vehicle or the trailer. It’s advisable to use at least four ATV tie down straps, one for each corner of the ATV, to ensure it’s adequately secured from all sides.

3. Incorrectly Positioning Tie Down Straps: ATV tie down straps should be attached to the ATV and trailer in a manner that distributes tension evenly and holds the ATV firmly in place. Incorrect placement can lead to uneven forces on the ATV, increasing the risk of it becoming loose during transport.

4. Failing to Check Strap Tension Regularly: Strap tension can change due to movement of the ATV or the trailer, especially over long distances or when driving on uneven surfaces. It’s essential to check and adjust the tension of the atv tie down straps regularly throughout the journey to ensure the ATV remains secure.

5. Over-tightening Straps: While it’s important to ensure the ATV tie down straps are tight, over-tightening can damage the ATV or the trailer. It can also put too much stress on the ATV tie down straps, increasing the likelihood of them breaking. Just make sure not to pull excessively on the tie-down points.

6. Neglecting to Use Soft Loops: Soft loops can help prevent damage to the ATV by providing a softer, more flexible connection point between the ATV tie down strap and the vehicle. Failing to use these can result in scratches or dents to the ATV’s frame.

7. Ignoring the Need for a Balanced Load: Properly balancing the load on the trailer is crucial. An unevenly loaded trailer can cause problems and increase the risk of accidents. Make sure the ATV is centered on the trailer, so that its weight is evenly distributed.

Avoiding these common mistakes can greatly increase the safety and reliability of transporting your ATV. Always take the time to properly secure your vehicle, check your equipment, and drive safely to ensure a trouble-free journey.

Final thoughts!

Choosing the right ATV tie-down straps for your ATV is like choosing the right shoes for a specific sport; you want the best fit for safety and comfort. If the ATV tie down straps aren’t used correctly, your ATV might not be as safe as you’d hope. That’s where retractable tie down straps come into play, making it super easy, safe, and dependable to secure your ATV. These innovative ATV retractable tie down straps automatically retract, saving you time and effort in tying down your ATV, and not leaving any excessive straps. Just follow some simple steps, like using soft loops first, and then locking everything in place with these special straps, your ATV will be ready for any adventure! Grab yourself a pair of Strapinno’s ATV retractable tie down straps, and hit the road worry-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use any type of ratchet strap for my ATV?

It’s important to use the tie down straps designed for the weight and specifications of your ATV. We suggest looking for straps with appropriate length, strength, and hook type to ensure your safety!

2. How often should I check the straps on a long journey?

Try to Inspect and adjust the ATV tie down straps every 100 miles or after any significant changes in terrain or road conditions!

3. Can over-tightening the straps damage my ATV?

Yes, over-tightening can cause undue stress on your ATV’s frame or anchorage points, potentially leading to damage! 

4. Is it necessary to use four straps, or can I get by with fewer?

We recommend using four ATV tie down straps, two in the front and two in the rear, for maximum stability and security. However, if there’s a budget, two ATV tie down straps can still get the job done!

5. Why is it best to use tie down straps rather than ropes on ATV?

Using tie-down straps instead of ropes to secure your ATV to a trailer is like choosing sneakers over flip-flops for a hike. Tie-down straps are specifically designed for the job. They’re stronger and more reliable than ropes, giving you a secure hold that won’t loosen up as you drive. Plus, they come with ratchets that let you easily tighten them down just right, so your ATV won’t move around. Ropes can stretch, come untied, or not be tight enough, which could lead to your ATV shifting or even getting damaged.

Tips: If you choose a retractable tie-down strap, you will be able to get the job done even faster because a retractable strap automatically retracts! 

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